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Data Localisation Audit

Data Localisation Audit Services for Financial Companies Operating in India

The RBI (Reserve Bank of India) the apex banking body in India along with the NPCL (National Payments Corporation Limited) makes it mandatory for all global and local transaction operators to maintain end-to-end data within the borders of the country. This mandate was made compulsory on 8th April 2018.

Whether you’re a Fintech operator, credit card company, a payment gateway operator or any other financial company operating in India, it’s mandatory to store all end-to-end transaction data only on servers located within the jurisdiction of the country.

Data Localisation Audit and Review Services

CyberCube offers data localisation audit and review services to both domestic and international finance companies. We help you comply with the requirements of the RBI and NPCL, assisting your seamless operations in India.

Our data localisation audit services include:

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