Vulnerability Management(VAPT) Services in India

Vulnerability Management is an ongoing process of identifying, assessing, evaluating and remediating the gaps in information system to secure data. Our service offering of Vulnerability Management (VM) cuts across all the technology layers covering but not limited to network, infra, application, mobile, web and cloud. Our VM solutions end objective is to provide safe platform for business to grow combating the emerging threats seamlessly.We are Gurgaon (Delhi NCR) based leading Vulnerability Management (VAPT) services provider in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai and hyderabad India.


When you run a discovery scan we will create a map that gives you an inventory of your network

Asset Prioritization

Some assets are more critical to business then others, Identifying those assets is critical


We identify and evaluate the vulnerabilities with help of automatic and manual efforts


All the identified vulnerability are gathered in form of report and shared to key stakeholders after false positive analysis


Best recommendations to close the identified vulnerability is provided.


Re-Scanning is done to confirm the identified vulnerability have been closed.