Red Team Exercise in India

A red team assessment is a goal-based adversarial activity that requires a big-picture, holistic view of the organization from the perspective of an adversary. This assessment process is designed to meet the needs of complex organizations handling a variety of sensitive assets through technical, physical, or process-based means.

Why Choose Red Team Operations

Red Team Operations are recommended for organizations that want to:

Test detection and response capabilities. Security teams prepare for real world incidents, but you need to confirm that they can respond properly without real risk.

Raise awareness and show impact. The CyberCube red team behaves like real world attacker, working n compromise your environment from the Internet.

by using information only available to the Internet. Successful red team engagements can help justify increased security budgets and identify gaps that require further investment.

Details on the auditor’s tests of controls related to each control objective and results


Project Initiation

Threat Modeling

Define Trophies

Determine Schedule

Develop Attack Vectors


Recon Phase

Open Source Intelligence

Covert Observation

Asset Identification

Social Engineering


Compromise Phase


Penetrate Network and/or Application

Obtain Credential

Lateral Movement

Escalate Privileges

Obtain Trophies


Security Improvement

Share Findings

Discuss improvements

Provide Remediation Guidance.