Network Security Architecture Review

The network is the backbone of any Organization. Network Security Architecture Review involves finding loopholes in the network of the Organization either using tools and called as automated vulnerability assessment or by manual assessment. Manual assessment includes either checklist-based approach or risk-based approach. The new concept that is gaining importance in the present day scenario is Risk Intelligence based approach.We are Gurgaon(Delhi NCR) based leading Network Security Architecture services provider in Bangalore, Mumbai & Hyderabad India

Steps Involved In Risk Intelligence Based Approach

Gathering Intelligence from various sources such as Vendors of the tools including Data Leakage Prevention tools, Anti-Virus tools, SIEM tool vendors, NIST, SANS, CERT-In, etc.

Then we identify the Vulnerability in your network by the Risk intelligence-based approach by putting the gathered information to our network.

Try to separate False Positives and False negatives.

Categorizing appropriate levels of risk such as Critical, High, Medium and Low.

Then putting the remediation plans. For instance, 30 days for critical risks, 45 days for high risks, 90 days for medium risks and 180 days for low risks

Treating the risks with four possible values. They include Mitigate, Transfer, Avoid and then Accept.

The risks can be adopted with the definite timeline between One and two years.

Review the residual risks and all the risks on an annual basis.

The similar approach and steps are done for the tools based Network Vulnerability Assessment. Many available tools are NMap, NESSUS, GFI Languard and Qualys Guard respectively.

Our experts are equipped with all the required skills. They can handle both tools and manual based Network Vulnerability Assessment.
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