PCI DSS Certification in India

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a standard for any private or government organization that processes, stores, or transmits debit and credit card information.

We provide leading business PCI DSS compliance and security services to organizations for becoming PCI DSS compliant. We are leading PCI DSS certification providing company in Mumbai, Delhi , Gurgaon, Bangalore and Hyderabad india.

Our PCI DSS compliance assessment service covers the following methodologies.

Gap Analysis

Preparatory Audits

Mapping Controls to PCI DSS Req.

Documentation Controls

Awareness Sessions

Vulnerability and Penetration Test

Obtaining PCI DSS Certification

Maintaining the PCI DSS Standards

Steps Followed by us to Attain PCI DSS Compliance

Step1: To study the scope of the PCI DSS standard in the organization. It includes locations, systems and technologies, people, functional departments, processes and procedures, and regulatory/legal compliance.

Step2: The gaps in the organization is studied by us and identify the existing controls to map it to the PCI DSS standard. Then we come out with the final controls required for compliance.

Step3: During this step, we deploy and implement the final set of controls for PCI DSS compliance.

Step4: We carry out documentation work such as preparing process documents, procedures documents, standards, guidelines, and policies.

Step5: Employees of the organization gets information security awareness sessions from our consultants.

Step6: We help the client to prepare for the PCI DSS Certification Audits.