PCI-DSS Training in India

PCI DSS means Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standard. We provide comprehensive training on PCI DSS. You can either choose to get trained as PCI-DSS Internal Auditors or PCI-DSS Implementers.

Any Company either processing, storing or transmitting Credit card or Debit card related data must be certified with PCI-DSS standard. The present PCI standard is PCI-DSS version 3.2. The standard is available free from the PCI-DSS.Org Organization. To audit a Company for PCI-DSS one should be a PCI-DSS QSA, QSA stands for Qualified Security Auditor.

Who Can Attend The PCI-DSS Training?

1) PCI-DSS Internal Auditors.


3) PCI-DSS Implementers.

4) Risk Management Professionals.

5) Software Professionals who are working on PCI-DA applications.

6) Corporate Security Professionals.

7) Information Security Professionals.

8) Other Auditors from various functions such as HR, Admin, facility, Business, and Finance.

9) IT (Information Technology) Security Auditors.

10) Certified Public Accountants (CPA).

11) Legal and Law Enforcement Professionals.

12) RFP and Contract Management Personnel.

The Topics That Will Be Covered In Our In-Depth Training Are As Follows.

1) Why PCI-DSS?

2) Who can get PCI-DSS certification?

3) What are the four levels and requirements for PCI-DSS?

4) The Present PCI-DSS standard.

5) What is called as Payment Card Information?

6) Gap Analysis.

7) Which is the PCI Information requiring encryption and Data Masking?

8) Which is the PCI Information that are recommended to be stored and which must not be stored?

9) Documentation Requirements of the PCI-DSS.

10) How to map PCI-DSS controls to the Organization controls.

11) The 12 Requirements and controls of the PCI-DSS standard and in detail study.

12) Auditing PCI-DSS standard for auditors.

13) Implementing PCI-DSS standard.

Please contact us for the comprehensive study of PCI-DSS Training course. Our experts are available to train the people for making your Organization PCI-DSS compliant and secure.