HIPAA Compliance Services india

HIPAA, Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act is mandatory for all the Healthcare systems that are processing, transmitting and storing PHI (Protected Health Information) data in electronic or paper forms to abide the HIPPA act.

The Two Entities Are

Covered Entity such as Healthcare Providers (Hospitals), Health Care Clearing Houses, Insurers, Employers provided Health plans.

Business Associates who on behalf of Covered Entity work on the PHI.

We help both Covered Entity and Business Associates to draft a Business Associates Agreement (BAA). There are five titles in HIPAA out of which Title II is Administrative Simplification, which is the most of important and we need to abide by it.

We help the user in Title II and give directions for all other Titles of HIPAA. The Title II consists of The Privacy Rules, The Security Rules, The OmniBus rule (also called as the Final Rule), The HITECH Rules, The Electronic Code Sets and The Transactions Sets. All of which is mandatory to follow.We are leading hipaa compliance services provider in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Gurgaon

The Security Rules Consists Of Three Things

The Administrative Safeguards.

The Physical safeguards.

The Technical Safeguards.

We also help in Breach Notifications and manage Breaches.
We assist you with HIPAA compliance preparation, HIPAA Implementation, and HIPAA Audits. It is necessary to abide by HIPAA as it levies heavy civil as well as criminal penalties for not safeguarding the PHI information and not notifying the Breaches, Incidents, Fraud, and loss of data.